Sunday, September 1, 2013


Dear Readers, 

Though I have been wanting to write more about the new findings, I just cant make enough time to sit back and have few moments to myself. 

Few days ago, I was fiddling with the stock recovery on my phone because the stock "3e recovery" was not letting me flash custom ROMS due to Signature issues. All of a sudden, i could no longer boot into the recovery. I downloaded the ROM Manager app from Google play. Goo Manager as well but both did not fix anything... the 3 button configuration didnt work. Then i started browsing for a solution.

I must have read over hundred articles, mainly from XDA forum (my favrit) but it gave no solution untill i came across THIS BLOG.

Because I am a tad bit familiar with the Android system, I put together the missing pieces and got myself a working CWM!!!! so below are the instructions. Again, Thanks to INTERPRETER site for the easiest and noobiest follow..:-) All credit goes to INTERPRETER website.

The following instructions have been checked by me.. on SAMSUNG NOTE 2 CLONE (MEDIATEK DEVICE). 

Before starting..
1. Make sure you have the drivers installed.. There should be 3 installations (Mass storage, ADB & Preloader). This whole process depends on it!! 

The two driver installations that worked for me are 

Install either one. if you have earlier tried to install drivers and failed or you are not sure about them, then just head over to: USB DEVIEW app. This is an amazing app which will show the current installed USB drivers on your computer.. You can remove all MEDIATEK/SAMSUNG/PRELOADER/ADB drivers and close it. Realy simple and brilliant app!

Tip: after installing the USB drivers, connect your phone to computer.. it will also show the windows pop up message to install new drivers.. just click yes, yes, and yes.. Once done, restart comp.

NOW for the Geeky part.

You will need below softwares on your windows to start with this process.

1. SP FLASH TOOL V 3.1224

2. MTKDroid Tools V2.4.8

 First- Download the MTK droit Tools and and click open. Extract to a place of your choice on your comp. Then download SP flash tool and extract it also to anywhere you prefer on your comp.


>>Enable USB DEBUGGING on your devise.
>>Connect to computer via USB cable
>>Open MTK DROID root tools.exe and it will show your device settings


>> Click on "Blocks Map" which should show something like below;


>> Click "Create Scatter File" and save it. Do not change name or anything. By default, the MTK droid Tools will go to save inside the extracted MTKdroid folder. Thats fine.


>>Open SP flasher
>> Click "scatter-loading" and select the scatter file you saved in step 3
After selecting....


>> click "Read Back" tab on SP Flasher


>>click "Add" button
A new entry will appear (see below)



>>Double Click "N/A" entry
This will save the your current ROM file. Choose a location to save...
TIP: "ROM_" should be in start of the name.. Eg: ROM_myrom"

 After you click save, below box will open. choose"Hex" as below..and keep the window open


>> Open the Scatter file you created in STEP 3. You can use any text editor. Search for the term "CACHE" in the document; which will have a numbering to it like 0x227e800. Copy this number from your scatter file

PASTE the number into the window for "Length" entry and click OK.


>> Disconnect your devise from the computer
>> Switch the device off.
>> Click "Read Back" on the SP flasher window (see below) 
>> Quickly connect the switched off device to computer via USB cable NOW!

 TIP: This will start reading your ROM and might take some time. So be patient. When process is complete, remove your phone from the computer and turn it on with USB debugging enabled. All the while, keep SP Flasher Window open as it was (DO NOT CLOSE).


>> Open MTK Droid Root & tools app and choose "root, Backup, recovery" TAB as below
 >> Click on "To process file ROM_from flash tool" button and it will open your directory..

>> Choose the "ROM_......" file you saved in STEP 7 >> Click open.
 This will start processing the ROM file for installing clockworkMOD. A notice will flash asking to make CWM recovery.. Click Yes!
 You will see messages popping up in the right side pannel of MTK Droid Root & tools app. The process will take around 5 minutes to finish. Wait until finish. Keep as it is. 

IMPORTANT: This will save the "Scatter-Loading" & Custom recovery File you will need in STEP 12 & 14 It will be in Droid Root & Tools folder/Backup.


>> GO back to SP Flasher window
>> Click "Download" TAB


>> Click "Scatter-Loading" and select the Scatter file created by MTK Droid Root & Tools in Step 10. (should be in Droid Root & Tools/Backup folder) Do not use the scatter file made in Step 1)


 >> Deselect ALL checkboxes, except for the RECOVERY one, double click the RECOVERY entry

 STEP 14

>> Select the recovery image
>> Click "open".
Note: This is the file saved from Step 10.
 Now everything is set up for flashing...


>> Disconnect devise from Computer
>> Switch off device
>> Click on "Download" TAB in SP flasher. (this will start searching for device to flash)
>> Connect your devise switched off!

 Warning like below will be seen. But you are flashing only the recovery... (good thing is you also got a back up of your rom!!)

 Please say thanks if you liked my post..
Please comment if you think my tutorial is easy to follow!

TIP: If you have ROM Manager installed, open it and click "go recovery mode" and it will take you to CWM recovery... I suggest so because some of the MEDIATEK devices have different hardware key combinations to go into recovery.. and some times its a head ache!

HINT: Power+Volume up will take you to Boot Menu. Power+Volume down+Home button takes most devices to recovery. May vary vastly!


  1. Hi,

    After step 9 nothing happening, sp flash tool showing searching but havent found anything. I have wait for almost half an hr...nothing happened...pls suggest me what to do

    1. Hi Rahib, if you are still stuck, i assume the adb reading isnt going well which means your drivers are having an issue..

      1. Disconnect phone, take battery out for 2-3 minutes.put battery in and connect phone and start with step 9. Though i recomend you to start from step one.
      2. Check which version of MTK device you have..MT6577 or 6575 or 65**. If you dont know how to check, then download "build.prop editor" from play store and you can see when you search for "platform".
      3. Use "USBDEVIEW" which is a small software utility which can read your installed drivers.. remove the double drivers (happens if you tried to install drivers automaticaly by connecting the device in windows.. remove them all and use the drivers in above post as they are compatible for most MT65xx devices.


  2. @Rahib, i Just installed CWM and flashed superUser (root) from zip file to root a MT6575 note 2 device.. Please let me know if it worked for you.

  3. thanks it really work,where can i download rom for samsung galaxy note 2 clone mt6577 ?

    1. glad it worked for u soap chan, now if you have 1mobile market, you maybe able to update ROM manager to latest version too!. regarding roms,. i am also looking out on new roms.. for now, i 'heard' roms on work sometimes.. but better take a back up of ur current rom.. basicaly, you can try to install a rom which has 500mb ram, 2 gb internal memory (depending on your handset's memory)...i read some articles that the Zv2 roms also can be installed.. until now not confirmed but keep looking and if you find one, do post

  4. thanks bro it really works .... nice

  5. I did same as said above but cwm recovery is not created in my system and I want exactly the cwm recovery. what do I do? please help. my device is mt6577 n7100 note 2 clone

    1. Hi sagar. If u followed the instructions well, then u shud have byn able to achieve cwm. Try there any point in instructions where u r confused?

  6. can u teach me how to do this for s2 mtk6577???

  7. Hey, PLS HELP ME !! my phone not entry in recovery mode,i use flash tool to install another rom,and now is just open i hear the sound when the logo appear but screen is black. PLS HELP i try 20 differit rom,s i want to alive my phone :((

    1. Which mtk Chipset devise u have? Can u provide more info about your phone.? Try zte v970 versions but it wioo depend on what your hardware is. If u don't have backup of ur rom.. you may just b screwd.

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  9. hey dude, ive got a motorola razr d3 (xt919) with cortex a9 and mt6577 chipset, do you know if this is for my device too? thanks so much!

    1. Yea dear. It will work. I have done it countless times on clone phones and mtk chipset media devices. I have been very busy lately so please mail me if you get stuck on anything. Thanks for reading

  10. i am stuck at step 9 its mt6575 not 6577 i really need a CWM plzzz anyone helpppp!!!!

    1. Well...if u follow the instructions well, this method works for all mtk chipset phones so should have worked. I think you are having.driver issues. Make sure you restart the comp after usb vcom drivers install. Take battery out fo few mins and put back in. Keep phone off and connect phone to see if drivers r ther. Go device managet on windows pc to see if it is there.

  11. hi i done every thing right but in the last steb idont see the costm recovery i only have
    factory_NONmodified_recovery and thre is no costem recovery to flash ??? help

    1. Please check the backup folder to see if cwm file is there
      There should have been a prompt to install cwm
      Did u put on the values for recovery?

  12. I did everything right so that with a recovery in 6575 because my model is that went wrong and continues with the same recovery which is the 3e system help me

    1. Do u see rom manager in the app list? Then open it and set up cwm

  13. Thank you man..i did it well!!!

  14. you are awesome, instruction are so accurate and precise...
    No words to describe your effort.
    GOD BLESS you... you are awesome

    1. BTW, can you guide me to updated ROM for this phone, which uses less RAM:2GB Internal:12GB, externalSD:2GB, single sim

    2. Hmmm but I will need more info.go to settings..about phone and let me know the info there. A sceen print would be easy., to take a screen print, press power+volume down+ home button. First time maybe little hard but once you get it right, u will do it better

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  17. Hi Nexus1. If you did everything told in the tutorial. Then you should have a readbackrom of your stock rom. Flashing a.custom rom on a mtk device is a hit and run process. Mainly because we are not sure about the hardware behind the device. Mtk varies largely and even though you are sure itcould work, chances are low. I recommend you install the readback rom using my other guide with SP flasher. If you would like to try out other roms, please post me the phones details and I can check it up.. which mtk chipset, how much ram, how much rom, build version..are basic info needed. Some clone mtk will show 16gb internal space but when corrected to comp, you will see the real capacity.waiting on more info

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    that's for sp flasher read back rom installation. Send me pix to and I will see for anyrom available for your spex

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  22. i have a spice mi 500 with mtk 6577 . the android just got erased and i am not able to find any rom for the phone . could please suggest me a download site. the cyanpgenmod rom is also not working.

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    1. Hi. I have been travelling these past few days so wasnt checking the blog. Hope you have issues solved.

  24. Excelent, it work good for my ALPS M4TEL SS1080


  25. Hi Bro!! my phone is won't boot up.. when i turn on, it just show android's logo then it auto shut off immediately...
    My phone MTK 6577

    1. Hi.. do u have a backup of ur mtk rom? Try holding down home+power+volume down. This may vary depending on your device. It will take u to recovery menu. Stock recovery is called 3e. It will have options to format the device.

  26. I already lost backup file.. I can't get to Recovery Menu.. cuz when i try holding down power+volume up.. it just turn my device off

    1. To go to recovery menu, u have to switch ur phone off first. Then the combination. For now. First switch off. Take battery out..wait 2 mins. Put back in and press combination.

  27. The point is i flash the wrong Recovery, Now brick and cannot access the recovery. Now I'm doing flash again. My question is why my phone device always connect and disconnect from pc. And now I'm using SP flash tool. Any help please?

    1. Well... that means u have obvioisly installed many drivers for ur phone to PC. There is a software called "USB deveiw" google it and ita free and easy to get.. open thay app on pc and u will see the drivers installed under samsung/mediatek. Remove all of them. Restart the comp. Install USB Vcom drivers I gave above and that shud do the trick. Aftwr install the driver, restart the comp. And take battery out of phone for 2 mins.put back in and restart the flashing process.

    2. Try the back side ports of ur CPU.. for drivers use.. the front side ports are sometimes loose as well

  28. thx q bro!!! now my phone working fine... cuz i have flash using sp-flash tool to flash boot.. And now my phone is working fine... thx bro!!!

  29. How to use the backup of the rom taken by sp flash tool to flash again on my mobile... please suggest me.. it has created backup file with extension "File"...

  30. THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU! Ive been trying to flash a new recovery for about 1 year! I goofed up y recovery by trying to install the Cwm for original note 2. Thanks again!

  31. my phone is stuck on boot. gt-n7100 clone mtk 6577
    can i flash rom with this tutorial sir ?
    sorry 4 my bad english

  32. Will I work for lava stab ivory sir?

  33. WOW...this is great it really works to me.... thanks alot.... keep it up sir. :)

  34. hi.... step 15... 2 hours i waited..still not done

  35. Ni...i have n9599t model mt6589 with no bootloader downloading mode,how can i install this..ive already installed cwm using mtk droid root & tool with success,which had no recovery installation before is already rooted
    any ideas please?

  36. Sir i have bricked my phone it was GT-n7100 clone details below
    Hardware : MT6577 (SMDK4x12 is Fake!)
    Model : GT-N7100
    Build number : ALPS.ICS2.MP.V1
    Build date UTC : 20130123-070832
    Android v : 4.1.1
    Baseband v: MAUI.11AMD.W12.22.SP.V5, 2012/10/23 14:35
    Kernel v : 3.0.13 (root@liyunpen-desktop) (gcc version 4.4.3 (GCC) ) #1 SMP Wed Jan 23 15:07:03 CST 2013
    Uboot build v : MAIN2.2.ubt.2905
    LCD Driver IC : 1-nt35516_dsi
    i am not able fix it need ur help if you can find the rom for same
    it is completely dead, cannot start, not charging, but when conneted to the flash tool detects in usb mode
    please help
    you can mail me on

  37. sir..i stuck at step 12..i cant find file for scatter loading after finish step 10..

    1. nvm sir..i solve it already..i just redo all from step 1 and it works..thx

  38. please make vid how to do that....i cant understand it...pleasw make a vid

  39. thanks a lot. Worked like a charm on my HDC Galaxy S1!

  40. Hi!
    i very need a rom of my samsung galaxy win clone
    i don't receive a call but all restriction is disabled.
    I just reinitialized my phone after deleting of one or two application system to gain in space.
    Detail of phone
    Hardware: MT6572
    Build number: JZO54K.I8552XXAMDB
    Android ver: 4.1.2
    Baseband ver: I8552XXAMDB
    Kernel ver: 3.4.0-1163727 DPI@DELL132#1SMP PREEMPT Wed Apr24 17:05:42 KST 2013

    My mail:

  41. hii !!
    thanks boss..
    i'm success followed your tutor..

  42. Its Really Working Great Dear. My Phone showing recovery now
    Thanks for your best tutorial

  43. Hi i have a problem, i create scatter files but sp flash tools don't recognize it. The message is something like that"Scatter file name is not legal"
    My phone :
    Android ver: 4.1.1
    Build: JROO3C-N7100Zsallia
    Processor : mtk6575

    Please i'm waiting for a solution it's urgent (sorry for bad english)

  44. I am truly thankful for this guide. It is well written and contains excellent information. These steps worked for me to get CWM on a Mediatek 6577.


  46. ThankQ very very much bro itz worked great for my jxd p1000 tab

  47. Thank you .it works for my mt6572 .but the custom recovery is upside down !!

  48. Icompleted the whole process but i cant enter into recovery.